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                       We are just Ordinary People helping Ordinary People do Extra-Ordinary things,
by no will of our own, but by the power of God.

liars in media speaking death over our people Add Video

This white right wing talk show host insists on lying and REFUSING to correct his mistakes. In return ? They purposely hang up on me, talk over me when I am addressing the problems they bring up with solutions, call me derogatory names and insult me. Notice how one is treated who hungers and thirsts after RIGHTEOUSNESS - I am AT PEACE with this because I know them to be evil, wicked and wheelers and dealers of the devils plot.

Posted by DennisCLatham on January 21, 2011 at 12:56 AM 9930 Views

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Reply Nancy
12:39 PM on July 19, 2013 
I listened to the whole discussion and did not hear ONE name called to you sir. Are you imagining things or what problems do you have. The host said you got hung up on cause you went off topic that seems pretty simple to understand... stop trying to cause more problems then there already is.
Reply C.B.
9:45 PM on December 8, 2011 
I just want to say that Im a taxpayer in the state of Georgia. I have been for 11 yrs. ever since I moved here. I would like to know where is my money is being spent. It's definitely not being spent in GDOC for our bothers, fathers, uncles, and granfathers to get the education/ tools the need to become productive citizens once released. I have spoken to inmates who have alot of things to my attention that needs to be addressed. The portions of food given out wouldnt fill up a 8 year olds belly. ,No access to legal cousel, no classes for GED testing. and everybody is hollering about take advantage of what they have to offer. Well that's nothing. NO CLASSES, NO TEACHERS. They don't even have basic cleaning supplies to keep there living quarters free from germs and possiblity disease. This isnt fair to there human beings. This could be your family member. Then with the SB440 thee is no scientific evidence thats shows this bill is effective in cutting down on juvenile crimes. This is a waste.. Where is my money going?We as tax payors,are affected by this also.How can we as a United States expect these young men to get out and be productive when we are not even making any tools available for them. We as a citizen need to rally together and fight the government on this.You'll are still living with that slave mentality and until the gover nment, white society realize we are not going anywhere and if it has to go all the way to the Supreme Court for equal justice then I guess that's what will be done. Remeber they are human beings. Not animals and they have rights to.Another thing that bothrers me is since the prison systems are terriblilly over crowded why don't you'll stop locking people up for stupid ass, petty crimes. Jails are over crowded. We get a weekly jail report of people who has been arrested for some type of offense. As I read through it, some of those people could have easily gotten a ticket to pay instead you dumbasses want to lock them up for the money not really careing about the severity of the overcrowdedness of the jails and prisons.Why don't you'll use a little command sense ? If it was your family member how would you feel? You would be fighting for a better solution then the one you'll offer, which obviously isnt fair or working.Everyone needs to keep fighting for these humanbeings whether it be in person or on paper don't give up.They depend on us.