The Ordinary People Society

                       We are just Ordinary People helping Ordinary People do Extra-Ordinary things,
by no will of our own, but by the power of God.

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48 years old
About Me

i am a sbm that loves to be a postive impact to my community .

Ms. Jones
About Me


56 years old
About Me

GOD is the pilot

JESUS is the Co- Pilot

The Holy Ghost is the Navigator

I'm just a passenger and a messenger

CopyRight © Dennis C. Latham

I'm only here to make a change.

Hopefully I can find others who can help me to make a change.

I would also be glad to help someone else make a change.

Change To The World.

I'm going to remain the same ....... Following Christ and Honoring My Parents.

Standing Against Unrighteousness.

I am a professional

Minister Of Music



Music Producer

Music Arranger

Music Writer (ASCAP)

Song Writer (ASCAP)

Midi Programmer

Computer Builder

Computer Repairer

Web Master

Web Site Designer

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Virus Eliminator



Video Editor

Special Effects Artist

Audio/Video Post Productioninst

3D Animation Artist

Graphic Designer

Care Giver For The Elderly.

(Blood Son To The Elderly) If you need a care giver to treat an elderly person like I would treat my own father or mother ? I'm your man. I also offer lessons and advice on getting help for the elderly.


There are cures for just about every disease.

Cancer, Aides, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, many more.

I have been researching this for over a year now and will be glad



44 years old
About Me

Tawana Williams
57 years old
About Me

Born without arms, Tawana hasa powerful and uplifting message for people of all walks of life. Hercompelling story is one of triumph, perseverance, and determination. She has overcomemany obstacles, and has never let her disability stop her. Tawana has many giftsand accomplishments. She’s an author, an artist, entrepreneur, poet, vocalist, wife,mother, mentor, and CEO of Tawana Williams Outreach, Inc. a non-profitorganization. She became a professional speaker in 1996. Tawana is the Autho rof “I’m Different, But I Can” achildren’s book about being different, MotivationFor The Soul-Move Or Be Moved, a collaborative book of amazing stories withTawana and 17 of her Circle of friends. “UnarmedBut Dangerous,” The Tawana Williams story of relentless struggle andUltimate Victory. “Da-Bomb! SYSTEMS ThatCreate A Wealthy Mind-Set,” a book full of systems, practical principals,steps and strategies that will change your life, and teach you how to get whatyou want; it was released in August 2010.


Tawana was a guest on the JerrySpringer Show in 1993 (Beating the Odds). In 2005, she was a guest on the JudgeHatchett Show, as a Mentor to a troubled teen. She’s had phone interviews withOprah’s Producers, and The Montel Williams Show Producers. In 2007, Tawana andher husband Toby were featured in Homes of Color Magazine, Hope for WomenMagazine, and Epitome Magazine. Tawana produced her own Radio Show that wassyndicated in more than a million households in Memphis & Nashville, Tennessee.In January 2008, she and Toby were Guest on the world-wide Television broadcastTCT-ALIVE and The Kim Jacobs Talk Show on The WORD Network in March 2009. InMarch 2010, she was a guest on The Balancing Act on Lifetime TV. She receivedthe True Servant Award at the Agape Awards Ceremony and is the Spokesperson forThe AGAPE Awards Academy. Tawana has countless Awards, Accolades and Certificates. 


She was the Keynote Speaker inOmaha, Nebraska for the actor Mr. John Beasley. He starred in (The Sum of all Fears),(Losing Isaiah), and many other Movies. Tawana was a guest Speaker for Mr. JoeDudley, Sr. (CEO of Dudley Hair Products and Dudley Cosmetology University) inKernersville, North Carolina.


She was the Special Guest forWorld Renowned Motivational Speaker, Mr. Les Brown at the Speakers Network Trainingin Atlanta, Georgia. While there; she captured the minds and hearts of other ProfessionalSpeakers. She’s now a Les Brown Platinum Speaker.


Tawana is Lobbying Congressfor Family Assistant Rest Rooms (FARR)in all Airports throughout America. You can sign her petition at


Tawana Williams is an expertin Overcoming Adversities, and her dream is to create and host her own TalkShow in the near future.


Her Book “UnarmedBut Dangerous,” and other books are available at


Apostle Duane Mitchell
38 years old
About Me

I am a man who loves God and loves God's people. I am the Senior Apostle of the Tabernacle of New Jerusalem Apostolic International Ministry (Jackson, AL; Quitman, MS; Sierra Leone, Africa). I am also the author of the book entitled, " What's Wrong with the Church? Noticed the Problems and Addressing the Issues to Destroy the Yokes of Bondage"

jennifer doss
46 years old

Robert Markee
About Me

I 'm a US Marine.

Tamie Collins Markee (T.O.P.S. Director of International Affairs)
About Me

I am the International Affairs Director Coordinator of the T.O.P.S. - (The Ordinary People Society).

Dr. James Hall
71 years old
About Me

I am a world traveler in the field of infectious diseases under the administration of Fromer president William J. Clinton. presently, I am working with the Georgia Department of Corrections anf other worthwhile organizations in the field of Second Chance/Reintegrating of those returning from incarceration to society. the latest efforts that I have embarked upon is a project entitled: "Excellence over Violence", a prevention projects for at risk youth and teens.

63 years old
About Me

A mother, grandmother, sister, spreading the love of Jesus to all that will listen...

I also submitt articles to Pastor Glasgow you can find them by followering his links.

See In A Dry Place on you can visit my home and please read blog section while you are there post a comment and sign my guest book on putyourfaithtoworkjourney/

About Me

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About Me

I love this kind of stuff! Thanks for making a unique and interesting website! :) My hobbies include running a website dedicated to natural fertility treatments such as using chinese herbs for fertilty and acupuncture for fertility. Thanks again for making this website - I'm really enjoying it!

Lee Bennett
About Me

My hobbies are diy and specifically woodworking. Now that the kids have left home I like nothing more than tinkering in the shed (it's my sanctuary!). I try to make things for the home and for the grandchildren but mostly it's just about having fun and spending time in peace and quiet trying to learn a new skill. If anyone is starting out as a woodworker then start with a small project first and build up gradually. Make sure you get yourself a good set of woodworker plans. You don't have to buy all the equipment you need at first, beg borrow steal or hire it :) Once you know what you use a lot for woodworking then buy the tools you need. Most importantly have fun and enjoy it.

33 years old
About Me

love life, live life :) I love all things webby and my  main passion if football or soccer for our US friends. I follow Liverpool FC and even have a website for them. Its called Watch Liverpool Online and it lets you watch us online and keep up to date with Liverpool News

Bobby S Price
43 years old
About Me

Hi I'm Rob and I'm partly of Italian descent and partly of English - my passions are pasta and polo. I also love riding vespas around with a certain disregard for safe practices, both my own and other folks, and I many times like to mix this activity with enjoying massively substantial quantities of low-budget beer. This typically results in me being broke, and so I usually depend on payday loans to cover the gap left by my irresponsible life-style. Perhaps some day I'll mature... Peace - until later.

About Me

I am definitely getting more into leading a healthy lifestyle. It can be very hard, but losing those extra pounds with a proper diet, exercise, and a little help from HCG Drops can definitely make being healthy a little easier.

It certainly is not a cure all, but HCG Drops can help you lose the weight quickly and eating right and working out will help keep those unflattering pounds away for good.

Roland Macanamara
About Me

Hi there folks and folkstresses.

I'm Rockin Roland, and heres some info about me -

Favourite Food - Cabbages

Favourite Drink - Elderberry Wine

Favourite Quote - What once was where but now what was once was there instead - read it on a beer mat

My Life

I have led a simple life for many years, but with the local aristocracies recent inovation of OLPT (one laptop per tramp) I have been blessed with the internet for the last 6 months, even though I dont live in a house!

It's really great,  I love learning all kinds of new stuff, and if ever I get some kind of infection or bitten by a random forest bug and break out in a rash, well the internet is there to help me find the answer nowadays.

Obviously the downside for me is the Solar powered batteries, sometimes here in Lapland we dont get sun for a few days, so I cant check my favourite websites all the time.  Keeping my best tabs bookmarked has helped me to come back and read anything I need at a later date.

Another thing I love about the internet is how all these sites share information and love with eachother by way placing Backlinks ( 2291-1buckplr ) for eachother on eachothers sites.

I've learnt a lot about that especially on this Backlinks Forum site.

Here's a little song I learned from the internet and I'd like to share it with you -

Life is greater than the internet

Life is greater, it's everything you've got

Start going your own way


Just be glad with your gift of existence

Don't kill time there's not much left at all

Cause all that counts is now and it is given

In your hands to live and to let grow


There's one greater than the internet

There's one greater, his love is all that counts

He fights for you all day


When you cry no video will help you

When you die no youtube stuff will help

All that counts is that you see you're worthy

Being his beloved and his lost child

62 years old
About Me

I am an Activist using business operations in order to funnel systems of financial support to the necessary budgets that empower the Black Nation around the world starting with the most priortiy of needs. is our first accomplishment in the lifecycle please join.


Dr. Glasgows work must be support with more innovative and sustainable funding.

I have systems in place that will support you while we support each other.


Alkebulan Penda Ra

Executive Director of Operations

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